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Commercial Property Services
Apartments & Condominiums
Real Estate Agent Services
Human Services

Property Preservation Associates, Inc. supports several industries with property field service solutions.

  • Banks, mortgage lenders and real-estate professionals hire us to maintain their foreclosed properties. Services Include: post eviction property inspections, lock changes, debris removal, maid service, lawn care, pool covering and more.
  • Commercial apartment and condominium owners employ us to maintain their complexes. Services include everything from interior painting to lawn care and snow removal.
  • Human Service Organizations engage us for property maintenance and renovation services. Many of our clients have found outsourcing a rewarding experience.
  • Federal Government: We currently maintain over 100 HUD properties in the form of Initial Inspections, Initial Services and Bi-weekly maintenances. We also provide complete home renovation services for Fannie Mae.

We provide construction services that include carpentry, drywall, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and painting. A very large part of our business includes lawn care and we have staff, equipment and partners to meet the most complex challenges.